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Industries We Serve

Utility Vehicles

Darta provides full-service outfitting of utility vehicles including installation of light bars (amber, clear), traffic directors, arrow boards, message boards, storage and electronic boxes, other essential accessories and mounts.


Utility vehicles are city-approved automobiles that handle specific tasks such as road traffic diversion, carry highway sign boards such as speed signs, remove immobile objects that block the road, and other road repair duties.


Darta ensures that your utility vehicles are fully-equipped to tackle on-the-road tasks while prioritizing safety and ergonomic comfort of utility vehicle operators and other vehicles moving on the road. We upfit 360 degree perimeter lights, message boards, arrow sticks, storage and communication equipment and other utility vehicle equipment. 



Our Process

We follow a four-step process to make sure that your utility vehicle has all the necessary equipment to meet the regulated statutory requirements and to perform the necessary tasks of a utility vehicle.


Consulting: The first step is to gather requirements based on the customer's vision for the utility vehicle. Our consultants understand the needs of the customer before sharing their expertise on vehicle outfitting. 

Sales: After discussing with the clients, our team of expert salespeople and consultants propose the suitable equipment and accessories that can be installed in the specific utility vehicle. Based on the experts’ recommendations, the customer makes the final call on budget and preference of equipment. 

Servicing: At times, unforeseen hindrances in a specific vehicle make and model can change a planned setup or may require additional accessories for a safe installation of new equipment. 

Installation: Our vast experience of up fitting first responder fleet plays a major advantage in the secure, clean, and safe installation of all the equipment.


Which accessories does Darta install?


LED Beacons 

Darta offers up fitting of beacons with amber/clear LED modules and amber or clear lenses with over 18 different patterns. We also offer a range of mounting solutions from magnetic mounts to bracket mounts on roofs or racks. Darta also provides light bars / lightbar controllers for utility vehicles.    


Odyssey Message Boards

Darta installs D&R Odyssey message boards that are crucial in alerting vehicles on the road about accidents, divert traffic during road repairs. 


Traffic Directors - Arrowboards

 Apart from message boards, the traffic directors like arrow sticks and arrow boards play a major role in controlling traffic. Darta upfits utility fleets with traffic directors and controllers with various mounting options for the specific vehicle.


Light and Message Control System

Light and message control systems are only as effective as its ease to input and put the message or light indicators on. Darta’s vast experience of installing such equipment for many Canadian first response fleets is definitely an added benefit.


Some of the other commonly installed accessories include:

 LED Inserts


Storage Unit

Power Management System

PA System

Laptop mount

LED Flood Lights

Interior Windshield Lights

Back Rack

Fire Extinguisher

Center Console


Want to learn more about the services we provide for your utility vehicles? Contact us today!

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