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Police Vehicle

Darta Fleet Solutions provides full-service outfitting of police fleets by installing police sirens, police lights, and other police vehicle accessories.

A police vehicle equipped with the right accessories is crucial for law enforcement officers to carry out their duties of keeping our cities, towns, and neighbourhoods safe. It is imperative that police vehicle outfitters and manufacturers of police vehicle equipment prioritize the safety and ergonomic comfort of the officers while accessing the equipment in the vehicle. To ensure the police cars are installed with all the required equipment, one must pay close attention to police vehicle outfitting.
Darta is one of the leading police fleet outfitters in Canada with years of experience in analyzing the needs of patrol cars, wagons, and other police vehicles and fitting them with key accessories such as police sirens, police lights, window security bars, center vehicle consoles, push bumpers and more.      

What We Do for Police Vehicles?

Darta offers full-service police vehicle outfitting including consultation, sales, servicing, and installation of integral police car/fleet solutions. From assessing the equipment needs of the police vehicle and discussing available options to making valuable design suggestions and offering made-to-order solutions if required, Darta provides your fleet with the best up-fitting solutions.
With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Darta has developed strict installation procedures to up-fit equipment/accessories that are subjected to rapidly changing and varied conditions of vehicular motion. Our main focus is to ensure the safety and comfort of our law enforcement officers while maintaining the ease of access to equipment from within the vehicle.

Police Vehicle Accessories Outfitted at Darta Fleet Solutions include

Police Sirens

It is a device, often electrically operated, for producing a loud warning sound to evoke a strong and immediate interest in the source of the sound. Every police vehicle is equipped with a siren to warn/ alert the citizens on the streets to take necessary preventative measures, not only protecting themselves but also the lives of the first responder. 


Police Light Bars

This is an array of lights mounted usually on the roof of vehicles, which when active provides a 360-degree visual warning around the first responder vehicle with a candela value greater than 8100, with some reaching close to 18,000 cd-s/m. LED light bars on top of the police cars act as a visual warning sign to clear the lane for the police vehicle.   


Center Consoles

Center Consoles provide centralized access to the control panels of all the communication systems, light and siren systems in the police vehicle. They provide the mounts for the Computers/ Tablets/ Mobile Phones and ensure a clean and well-arranged wiring channel for the huge cluster of wires coming from various systems. To ensure the safety of police officers, these center consoles are secured to the frame of the vehicle using floor plates or other securing mechanisms. 

 Push Bumpers

Push bumpers protect and/or minimize damage to police vehicles during Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver. Push Bumpers are available in various formats - Wrap-style, or wrap-around, and PIT wings, which are a bolt-on addition. The push bumper fulfills its original purpose of allowing the police vehicle to push other vehicles and clear the roadway of debris without damaging the police vehicle.


Window Security Bars 

Window bars are an option for the prisoner partition package. They are also installed in other configurations to strengthen, protect, and secure the rear windows from possible aggression by the prisoner or rear transport passenger. It also acts as a mount for concealed window lights in undercover vehicles.

Battery Power Management Unit

An effective battery management unit ensures to cut off the power supply to non-essential equipment in vehicles automatically in stages, allowing the officer to continue his work without fear of having a dead car battery and a non-functional vehicle.


Some of the other police vehicle accessories that we up-fit include: 

Prisoner Partitions

Electronic Trays

Gun Locks

Laptop Mounts

Windshield Lights

Spoiler Light Bars


Message Boards

Internal LED Lights

Storage Mounts


Want to learn more about the services we provide for your police vehicle? Contact us today!  


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