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Fire Trucks

Darta provides bumper-to-bumper outfitting service for fire chief trucks in Ontario by installing electronic and mechanical solutions like MWS, storage systems, 360º perimeter lights, sirens etc. 


Firefighters safeguard us from the perils of fire. However, the firefighters rely on well-equipped trucks to carry the equipment and gear to rescue the victims and watch out for their safety.

Darta has vast product experience as well as the expertise in outfitting first responder fleets of various make, models and years. Our valuable insights are extremely useful during consulting, sales, installation and servicing phases of fleet outfitting. Darta ensures the First Responder fleet vehicles like fire chief trucks, are outfitted professionally with the right equipment for the specific brand of vehicles. We install all the necessary equipment for your firefighting vehicles such as consoles, storage systems, floor plates, sirens, emergency perimeter lights, light and siren control systems, power management systems with set parameters to avoid dead batteries.


What We Do For Fire Chief Trucks?


Darta Fleet Solutions is an experienced outfitter with a capacity to outfit 2,500 vehicles per year at its Bolton facility, with 12 bays and two assembly lines.

Our experienced sales consultants work closely with our clients to understand their specific outfitting requirements for the Chief’s Vehicle. They propose the right equipment and accessories based on the First Responders’ needs. These insights may also specify the requirement to strip down the vehicle, additional equipment and accessories required for a specific vehicle. For example, we recommend installing floor plates and leg kits to secure equipment to the chassis of the vehicle and prevent equipment teardowns due to vehicle momentum and forces of kinetic energy on the equipment. Most of all to keep the First Responder safe.


Which Fire Truck Accessories We Install?


Fire Truck Sirens

Darta outfits fleets with low and/or high-frequency sirens as well as light and siren control systems. The fire truck sirens are connected to a power management system that turns off the equipment in stages to preserve the vehicle battery with enough power to restart the vehicle when required.


Fire Truck Lights

Darta installs fire truck lights such as light bars, 360º perimeter lighting, etc. Emergency vehicles including the Fire Chief’s vehicle are incomplete without a light bar and the 360º emergency warning lights on the vehicle. We install interior and exterior warning lights and control systems.


LED Lights (360º perimeter lighting)

Whether the light modules are deck, surface or flush mount or their mounting requirements are internal or external, Darta installs all kinds of LED light fixtures. These light modules can be placed on the push bumper(side or front), rearview mirrors, headlights, side of the vehicle, rear passenger windows, or even windshield or spoiler of the vehicle. Darta's vast experience and professional approach reward the client with a clean and efficient install.


Odyssey Message Board and Arrow Sticks

D&R's patented full-featured Odyssey lightbar/message board/traffic directors or individual equipment like Arrow Sticks/Arrow Boards/Road Alerts help the First Responder to take control of the scene by directing traffic. This keeps the passing motorist and the first responders safe while working on the scene.   


Laptop / tablet mount

Laptop/tablet mounts, as the name suggests, provide a secure cradle for the first responders’ computer equipment. It not only secures the equipment but in some cases can provide additional port expanders, antennas, and more. A good installation will provide the first responder with ergonomic comfort to use the equipment, and yet, ensure that all the vehicle's safety equipment like airbags etc. is fully operational.


Lights and Sirens Control System

The light and siren control systems are a basic necessity in a first responder vehicle. Apart from light and siren control systems, Darta installs other equipment like radios, GPS, traffic director controls, etc.


Some of the other fire truck accessories that we install are:

Center Console

Storage Mounts

Battery Power Management System

Fire Extinguisher

Traffic Directors

Push Bumpers

Windshield Lights


Intrigued to know more about the services we provide for firefighting vehicles? Contact Darta today!

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