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Where Does Amber LED Light Fall On The Color Scale?

August 29, 2022

Where Does Amber LED Light Fall On The Color Scale?

Amber LED lights are a staple in road construction vehicles and utility trucks. It is also one of the most easily visible colors on the spectrum, which is essential in maintaining safety on the road, for motorists as well as the crew. While its uses and benefits are common knowledge, many might not know about its placing on the color scale and its color temperature. In fact, even the terms color scale might be unheard of. Hence, it’s time to examine the color scale and where various emergency lights fall on this scale, including the amber lights.

Amber lights and color scale.

What is a color scale?

A color scale essentially measures color temperature, not to be confused with the actual temperature that measures heat. Rated in Kelvins (K), the temperature is lower for warmer colors and higher for cooler hues. On the basis of this information, the scale can be further classified into 4 different categories: warm, cool, natural, and daylight. 

Warm: Usually ranges from 2700 to 3500K. These are some of the warmest lights used in the spectrum, ideal for use in indoor locations such as homes and restaurants. 

Natural: With a range of 3500 to 4500K, this type of light is somewhat colder than warm lighting and closely resembles sunlight, hence its nomenclature. This lighting has practically endless application due to its hue. 

Daylight: With a range of 5000 to 6000K, this light is sharp, crisp and bright. Most white lights used in industrial settings fall under this category.

Cool: Lastly, with a range of 6000K to 7000K, these lights are devoid of warmth, and are used mainly for situations which require alertness.

The Inference

From the classification of color scale, it can be inferred that:

Amber LED light falls in the warm category, along with other colors such as red that are used in ambulances and fire trucks.

On the other hand, blue lights majorly seen in police vehicles fall under the cool category, fostering alertness. Green lights used by voluntary firefighters also come under this section.

Thus, emergency vehicles use a combination of both warm and cool colors with different wavelengths to fully capture the attention of bystanders and other motorists.

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