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Role Of Cooling Systems In K-9 Unit Police Cruisers

August 23, 2022

Role Of Cooling Systems In K-9 Unit Police Cruisers

Police cruisers are a feat of modern engineering. From police LED lights to police sirens, a lot of accessories make police cars unique from their civilian counterparts. In terms of specialization, K9 units feature even more customizations. For the uninitiated, K9 units generally comprise trained dogs and their handler, working as a single, cohesive unit. With this increased efficiency in solving crimes, there is also an increasing demand for additional accessories in the form of portable kennels and cooling systems. The importance of installing cooling systems in a K9 car will be discussed below.

Why do K-9 cruisers need a cooling system?

K-9 unit dogs are quite physically active, a requirement in law enforcement. However, they also have a tendency to get overheated easily in an enclosed space due to a limited number of sweat glands. Hence, when they are not on active duty, leaving them in a closed car is a major hazard. While cranking up air conditioning might work in some cases, there is a dire need for sophisticated cooling equipment.


A cooling system devised for the K9 unit, Hot-N-Pop is an automated temperature sensing system to help monitor the heat levels inside the police cruiser. When the temperature crosses a certain threshold, this system will sound an alarm and automatically open the car’s windows to facilitate cooling. Some variations also give control access to handlers so they can open the door remotely.

With more advancements in this technology, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate overheating-related deaths in the K9 unit. 

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