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Different Types of Police Lights

December 21, 2022

Different Types of Police Lights

Police lights are more than just a way to make a vehicle visible in the dark. They’re also used to communicate with other drivers, create a sense of urgency, and convey information about the type of situation officers are responding to. There are three main categories of police lights: emergency lights, warning lights, and informational lights. Each serves a different purpose and is used in different circumstances. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of police lights and their purposes.


Police lights and their purposes


Red and Blue Lights:

Police vehicles around the globe are typically equipped with red and blue lights. These two colours are used for different purposes. Blue lights are used to indicate that a police vehicle is responding to an emergency call. Red lights are used to indicate that a police vehicle is stopped or parked.


Amber Lights:

Police lights are one of the most critical tools that officers have to help keep the public safe. Amber LED lights are typically used by police officers to warn drivers of a potential hazard ahead. They may also be used to indicate that a police officer is present and working in an area.


Green Lights:

Green lights are often used by police officers to indicate when they have the right of way. Green lights can also be used to signal that a vehicle is clear to proceed, or that an intersection is clear.


White Lights:

Police lights are an important part of a police car’s identity. They help the vehicle to be seen in different types of weather and light conditions. They also help to identify the vehicle as a police car.


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