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Different Sounds of Emergency Vehicles.

April 25, 2023

Different Sounds of Emergency Vehicles.

Have you ever heard a siren wailing in the distance and wondered if it was an ambulance, police car, or a fire truck siren? Each emergency vehicle has a distinct sound that serves as a warning for people to clear the way. However, not everyone can differentiate these sounds, which could delay response time and endanger lives. In this blog post, we'll explore the different sounds of emergency vehicles and how to distinguish them.


Types of emergency vehicles and their sounds



The sound of an ambulance is a distinct and urgent wail that can be heard from blocks away. It's designed to alert other drivers, pedestrians, and emergency services that an ambulance is approaching. The siren has two different tones: the first is a high-pitched wail followed by a lower-pitched yelp. These sounds are created by alternating between two different frequencies using an electronic circuit called an oscillator. This circuit creates sound waves at specific frequencies that produce the distinctive noise we associate with ambulances.


Police car:

The sound of a police car is one that many people are familiar with. It is often portrayed in movies and TV shows as a loud, blaring siren that commands attention from all those around it. However, the reality is that there are several types of sounds that police cars can make. The most common type of police car siren is the wailing siren — a long, high-pitched tone that rises and falls in pitch. The purpose of this siren is to alert other drivers on the road to pull over and allow the police car to pass.


Fire truck:

The sound of a fire truck siren is unmistakable. It's loud, urgent and attention-grabbing. The wail of the siren is high-pitched and rises and falls in quick succession to alert drivers that they need to move over quickly. Fire trucks also have air horns that can be used as a warning signal when necessary. These horns emit a deep booming noise that can be heard from far away.


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