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Decoding LED Lights On Various Official Vehicles In Ontario

June 14, 2022

Decoding LED Lights On Various Official Vehicles In Ontario

LED lights have become a staple in almost all vehicles across the country. From amber LED lights to flashing red and blue lights, LEDs are also an integral part of emergency/official vehicles in Ontario. However, there is a myriad of colors used by different departments that any motorist in the state should be aware of. Hence, if you are a driver residing or passing through Ontario, then you are required to learn the significance of these LED light colors on a vehicle.

Types of colors used in LED lights for different fleets.

Blue LED Light

The classic, commonly seen flashing strobe lights are the blue LED lights. These are used by police officers and other branches of law enforcement on their vehicles to alert other motorists and pedestrians of their presence. Some also use red lights in conjunction with blue lights, but the latter remains more predominant.

Red LED Light

Apart from being used intermittently in police cruisers, red lights are the staple of firetrucks and EMT vehicles. Due to their long wavelength, red lights are visible across large distances, hence they were chosen for these emergency units.

Amber LED Light

Amber LED lights are usually mounted on utility vehicles such as construction vehicles, highway repair crews, municipal snow ploughing vehicles and more. Although in the case of the latter, blue lights are also used on occasion. Amber lights are also used in combination with white lights for private security vehicles as well.

Green LED Light

A somewhat rare occurrence on roads, green led lights on a vehicle signify the presence of a volunteer firefighter or medical personnel, who have been called to assist apart from the standard emergency crew. This light is prohibited on any other vehicle apart from the ones stated above.

Purple LED Light

Traditionally, purple lights signify funeral processions, and honoring this convention, authorities have fitted vehicles used for funeral purposes with the same. These lights can be mounted on grills or used as a light bar on top. The intensity of the color makes it easily distinguishable from other LED lights.

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