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4 Types of Amber LED Lights

October 19, 2022

4 Types of Amber LED Lights

We all have seen flashing yellow lights on top of some of the utility vehicles, mostly official or government vehicles. These lights are called amber LED lights. Based on their applications, these lights symbolize awareness, safety or simply, increased visibility. When attached to an operating vehicle, these lights help the vehicle stand out from the traffic or a crowded road. This becomes handy when working in dark, busy areas or during rainy and snowy seasons. In this blog, we bring you various types of amber LEDs that can be attached to your vehicle.

Different types of amber LED lights

Dash and deck lights:
Dash and deck lights are known for their massive power and longevity. They can be attached to a variety of vehicle surfaces and boast LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours. Dash and deck LED lights are used by private vehicles, security vehicles as well as official and traffic control mobiles. However, if you are a private vehicle owner, it is recommended to check the laws regarding the use of amber LED lights for civilians.

Mini light bars and beacons:
Mini light bars and beacons are some of the most common types of amber lights. This is majorly due to their ease of installation. These lights can be lit using little power. However, this does not affect their performance. Amber mini lights and beacons provide an adequate amount of illumination. These lights are also capable of pulsing, rotating and flashing as required.

Light bars:
These types of lights can be mounted on top of the vehicle to achieve complete coverage and add an extra source of light. Lights bars are extremely powerful and come with many flash patterns. 

Grille, surface and perimeter lights:
These lights can be mounted to the grille of the vehicle to light the path or to provide visibility to oncoming traffic. These lights are suitable for several applications.

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