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3 Types of LED Light Units And Their Differences

September 23, 2022

3 Types of LED Light Units And Their Differences

A police car uses a variety of equipment such as LED light bars, police sirens, reinforced bumper, and a lot more. Coming to LED lights, they are known for their efficiency and long life. It is also evident that these lights are generally rated in lumen rather than watts. The difference between these two units was explored in a previous blog. In this one, the lumen will be compared to more obscure units of measurement, lux, and candela.

Difference between lumen, lux, and candela

Lumen, lux, and candela are all units of measurement used to quantify the amount of light emitted by a source. While lumen and lux are both SI (Standard International System) units, candela is not. 

Here's a quick rundown of the key differences between these three units:

Lumen: The lumen is the SI unit of measure for the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. One lumen is equivalent to the amount of light emitted by a single candle.

Lux: The lux is the SI unit of measure for the intensity of light on a given surface area. One lux is equivalent to one lumen per square meter.

Candela: The candela is the unit of measure for the luminous intensity or brightness of a light source in a particular direction. One candela is equivalent to the luminous intensity of a candle in that direction.

The Takeaway

While all three units are used to quantify different aspects of light, they are often used interchangeably, especially in the lighting industry. This can lead to confusion, so it's important to be clear about which unit you're referring to when discussing light levels.

When comparing two light sources, the one with the higher lumen rating will appear brighter to the naked eye. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's more efficient or better in quality than a light source with a lower lumen rating, as each unit of measurement signifies something different. 

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