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The Difference Between Ambulance And Police Siren

March 08, 2023

The Difference Between Ambulance And Police Siren

Have you ever been on the road and suddenly heard a siren blaring from behind you? Your heart starts racing, your pulse quickens, and your mind immediately jumps to thoughts of danger. But did you know that not all sirens are created equal? In fact, there is a distinct difference between the sound of an ambulance siren versus a police siren. Understanding this difference can help keep you safe on the roads while also assisting emergency responders in getting to their destination quickly and efficiently. So buckle up and get ready for a crash course in sirens – we're breaking down the differences between ambulance and police sounds!


The difference between ambulance and police siren


When you hear a siren, it's important to know whether it's an ambulance or a police car so you can respond accordingly. Ambulance sirens are designed to be as loud as possible. They use a frequency that is designed to penetrate through traffic and other noise. Police sirens are not as loud, but they use a different frequency that is designed to get people's attention without being too disruptive.


The main difference between an ambulance and a police siren is the purpose. Ambulance sirens are meant to save lives, while police sirens are meant to keep the peace. The difference between the two is quite clear. Ambulance sirens typically have a higher-pitched sound that has a single tone, while police sirens have alternating tones at different pitches. Ambulances have a shrilling sound that goes in a loop along with consistent rising and falling with flashing lights. On the other hand, a police siren yelps with short-burst effects. This is to warn people and ask them to steer clear ahead of a police chase, convoy or any police-relate activities.


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