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Police Car Parts Guide: Basic 6-Step Docking Installation

November 30, 2021

Police Car Parts Guide: Basic 6-Step Docking Installation

Police officers often need a laptop system in their vehicles for smoother operations. The major benefit of installing a laptop or a tablet in a police car is that officers will have immediate access to their equipment using a laptop dock. Other than the basic police car parts used for safety, these special docks can hold a variety of electronics.

In this police car parts guide, you can learn about six easy steps to install a device on the docking station.

Expose the I/O Panel

To install a device, the dock's I/O panel would be used as it organizes the cables using the docking station's structure. First, the cover brackets of the I/O panel are removed. Then, the power cable and other route cables from the panel are also removed. Any competent technician with the right tools can help with this task.

Connecting Cables

Next, the dock's power cable is connected to the police vehicle's power supply. Then, all route and peripheral cables are plugged into the laptop, tablet, or other devices. The power supply of the device can be connected to the vehicle via the dock's socket.

Use Cable Ties to Organize

The device's cables can be easily bundled together in a small corner on the docking station's side. It’s best to avoid pinching and twisting the cables while tying them in place because it can cause irreparable damage to the device. Lastly, the I/O panel should be secured back onto the docking station.

Mount the Device

Carefully align the laptop on the dock's mounting area. Gently push down against the mounting anchors until it is firmly secured in place. Once this is done, the device can be effectively anchored on the dock with high-quality screws.

Activate the Cables

The docking station's cables will now be plugged in. Activate the appropriate ports for the device if the docking station has limited port activation capabilities.

Cover the I/O Panel Brackets

Lastly, it’s time to put back the I/O enclosure now that the I/O panel installation is completed and the cables have been organized. 

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