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Major Types of Police Lights and Other Emergency Vehicle Lights

January 26, 2022

Major Types of Police Lights and Other Emergency Vehicle Lights

When it comes to emergency response, police lights play a big role in helping officers do their job effectively. When one thinks of police lights, the classic red and blue flashing lights come to mind. However, other emergency services also use different types of lighting, each signifying something different.

Here are a few types of police lights and other emergency vehicle lights

Blue Lights

The blue lights are used to simply signify police presence and usually come in handy during non-emergency situations. The light is also bright and projected far, so anyone in need of assistance can easily reach the cruiser by following the lights.

Red Lights

When the red lights come on, it is evident that there is an emergency situation in progress. Other than displaying the colour on the main light bar on the roof of the police car, it can also be flashed on the front grille or the dash. When it comes to outfitting a high-quality light bar with a 360-degree visual warning, Darta Enterprises is a name you can trust.

Amber Lights

Amber lights can signify a lot of different things depending on each province, such as construction and utility vehicles, or perhaps even specialized snow removal vehicles in provinces such as Nova Scotia which receive plenty of precipitation. So if you see flashing yellow lights, you might find a construction crew hard at work or a vehicle clearing snow off the road.

White Lights

Ambulances and EMT services are the ones that predominantly use these lights in combination with red lights. However, even certain police vehicles use them with red lights in provinces that have not yet transitioned to red and blue. In terms of ambulances, they signify a medical emergency, and along with the siren, instruct oncoming traffic to make way for them.

Thus, police lights and lighting systems in other emergency vehicles are intricate visual communication systems designed for the benefit of civilians as well as other police personnel.

Experts in upfitting lights and other accessories for emergency response vehicles, Darta Enterprises is a proud family business with a fantastic reputation. We have worked with York Regional Police, the City of Brampton, and many other departments, and you too can get your vehicle outfitted by booking a consultation with us today.