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How Heated LED Bars Can Benefit Law Enforcement?

September 20, 2022

How Heated LED Bars Can Benefit Law Enforcement?

Most police car lights use LED due to their longer lifespan, better brightness and versatility. However, they tend to not function very well in cold weather, making it a challenge for officers to operate these lights in such conditions. Hence, law enforcement agencies are always in search of new and innovative ways to improve their operations. One such way they have recently turned to is heated LED bars.  

Significance of heated LED bars

The problem with conventional LED bars

One of the biggest problems with LED lights is that they can become very dim when it's cold outside. This can make it difficult for police officers to access these lights, thereby lowering visibility. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations. This is due to the poor functioning of LED lights. Unlike incandescent and halogen lamps, these lights don’t emit heat externally and are rather cool to the touch. While it is great from a power consumption standpoint, it is rather detrimental during cold climates. This is why they require separate deicing.


The Solution

Heated LED bars are a new type of technology that is designed to address this problem. They use special heating elements to keep the LEDs at a consistent temperature, which prevents them from becoming dim in cold weather conditions. This can be a major advantage for law enforcement agencies that operate in colder climates.


Another benefit of heated LED bars is that they can improve the longevity of these lights. Due to lack of heat and extreme drops in temperature, LED lights in police cruisers might malfunction prematurely, thereby requiring frequent replacement. 


Overall, heated LED bars can be a great option for law enforcement agencies that operate in extreme climates. 


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