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How Do Police Sirens Work?

October 31, 2022

How Do Police Sirens Work?

When you hear a police siren in your rearview mirror, you know to pull over and let them pass. But have you ever wondered how police sirens work? They are designed to get your attention and make you aware of an emergency. They consist of a loud, high-pitched sound that can be heard from far away. Read this blog to learn more about it.



Police sirens 101



What are the uses of a police siren?


Police sirens are used to Clear the Way and Get Attention. When approaching an intersection, oncoming traffic will often yield to a police car with its siren activated. The same goes for pedestrians, who will usually get out of the way when they hear a police siren. This allows the police car to get through intersections and other areas more quickly and easily.


In addition to clearing the way, police sirens are also used to get attention. If there is an emergency situation, the sound of a police siren will often prompt people in the area to take notice and maybe even call 911. Police sirens can also be used to disperse crowds or break up illegal gatherings.


How do they work/function?


A police siren is a loud, attention-grabbing noise made by a vehicle to warn people of its approach. They are most often used by emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. Police sirens can be either mechanical or electronic. Mechanical sirens work by using a rotating disc or set of blades to create a wailing sound. The pitch of the sound produced can be changed by altering the speed at which the disc or blades rotate. Electronic sirens work in a similar way to mechanical sirens but instead use an electronic oscillator to create the noise. This means that the pitch of the sound can be easily controlled.


Police sirens are designed to be heard over long distances and above other sounds, such as traffic noise. This is why they are often very loud, reaching up to 120 decibels. Darta Enterprises are reputed custom vehicle outfitters. Talk to us to learn more.