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Decoding Police Car Light Colors: What Each Hue Signifies

July 27, 2023

Decoding Police Car Light Colors: What Each Hue Signifies

When we think of police cars, one of the first things that comes to mind is their flashing lights. Those vibrant hues cutting through the darkness are not just for display, they serve a critical purpose in communicating with drivers and pedestrians on the road. But have you ever wondered what each colour signifies? In this blog post, we will decode the meaning behind those police car light colours, shedding light on their significance and helping you better understand what's happening when you see them in your rearview mirror. 


Decoding police car lights



White lights on a police car typically indicate that the vehicle is in non-emergency mode. In other words, it is not actively responding to a call or pursuing a suspect.



Blue is a colour that often evokes feelings of calmness and peace. When it comes to police car lights, the colour blue serves a very important purpose. It signifies authority and commands attention on the road.


Red and Blue:

Red and blue are perhaps the most instantly recognizable colours when it comes to police car lights. These vibrant hues evoke a sense of urgency and command attention on the road. When you see red and blue flashing in your rearview mirror, it's a clear signal that law enforcement is nearby.



Yellow is a colour that often catches our attention, whether it's on traffic lights or caution signs. When it comes to police car lights, yellow signifies a specific purpose as well. This vibrant hue is typically used by law enforcement agencies to indicate caution or warning.


Now that we have understood the basic meaning of police car lights let us also address the fact that Darta Enterprises have been working closely with law-enforcement departments in supplying industry-grade police lights and many other equipment. Contact us now!