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Brief Overview Of Police Sirens And Its Uses

June 27, 2022

Brief Overview Of Police Sirens And Its Uses

The flashing blue lights of a police cruiser are a common sight in cities. However, even before the cruiser comes into view, one might hear the telltale sound of a police siren piercing through the neighbourhood. An important device used in all police fleets, these sirens serve a unique purpose, which will be discussed below. Moreover, the distinction between these sirens with those used on other emergency vehicles will also be made evident. 

The need for police sirens.

What is the purpose of police sirens?

Police sirens are a form of auditory alert system for a community, including other motorists on the road and bystanders. It usually signifies that a member of law enforcement is on their way to answer a dispatch call. Thus, a combination of loud sounds and flashing lights act as a warning system for civilians to offer passage to the cruiser. 

However, that is not the sole purpose of police sirens. These devices can also be used to grab the attention of a particular person or group of people on the road. To distinguish the sound from the typical siren call, the police officer might use a different sound such as a warble or a piercer. Thus, these sirens are quite versatile in their usage. 

Why are police sirens louder than other emergency vehicles at times?

There is a peculiar phenomenon where it is observed that police sirens are in fact louder than sirens used in fire trucks or ambulances. However, the reason behind this phenomenon depends on the mounting of the siren rather than the device itself. Many police cruisers have sirens mounted low on the front bumper. Therefore, it produces more noise than other vehicles. Although fire trucks might also adopt this configuration, the larger size of the vehicles helps in dissipating the sound. Similarly, the sirens mounted on ambulances can also sound different in terms of decibels due to its intermediate size and mounting of the speakers.

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