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4 Driving Protocols To Follow With Emergency Vehicles On The Road

September 09, 2022

4 Driving Protocols To Follow With Emergency Vehicles On The Road

While driving on the road, one is expected to follow basic traffic rules such as using indicators, turning on headlights in the dark, wearing seatbelts, and more. However, when hearing the telltale signs of an emergency vehicle, such as the blaring sound of a police siren, motorists can panic and not know the right protocols to follow. Hence, it is necessary to know some basic road safety rules that can help them safely interact with these emergency vehicles. 

Driving rules for emergency vehicles.

Slow Down

If an emergency vehicle is fast approaching from behind, make sure to first slow down. It is necessary to allow the vehicle to pass, as they might be involved in a highly sensitive situation. 

Use The Signal 

In Ontario, the general protocol is to signal to the right and try and keep the car on the right side of the road, leaving the left side clear. 

Pull Over To The Right Side Of The Road

As mentioned above, one must move to the right side of the road, provided they are not on the highway or at an intersection. If a motorist is on a highway, then they must move to the right side as much as possible without blocking the shoulder of the road. Similarly, in an intersection, it’s vital to go past the crossing and then move towards the right.

The only exception to this rule is in a one-way street. If there is no space on the right, the motorist can move to the left and stop the vehicle.

Stop The Vehicle

Lastly, after signaling and moving to the right, the motorist must gently bring the vehicle to a stop. Once, the emergency vehicle has sailed through, they can resume their journey. 

Thus, by following these simple rules, motorists in Canada can safely interact with emergency vehicles. Remember, these rules are compulsory, or else one can be charged by the local authorities. 

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