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4 Advantages of Using LED Technology In Police Car Lights

May 10, 2022

4 Advantages of Using LED Technology In Police Car Lights

Police cruisers are an integral part of law enforcement across the world. And the flashing police car lights are a very crucial part of these vehicles. Over the years, the police lights have undergone plenty of drastic changes, transitioning from halogen lamps to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. This latest iteration also offers a plethora of advantages for the officers and the police department. 

4 such merits of LED police car lights will be discussed here

Exceptional Lifespan

One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is their exceptional lifespan, which is about 20,000 hours on average. Thus, these lights work longer than traditional halogen lamps by a factor of almost 20, since a halogen lamp’s lifespan is only 1000 hours. Hence, LED is much more economical for police precincts in the long run. 

Incredible Efficiency

LED lights also produce very little heat and convert most of the electrical energy directly to light. In comparison, halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat and eventually drain the car battery. Thus, LED lights are an obvious economical choice due to their minimal energy consumption. 

Ergonomic Design

Since practicality is vital for police officers, LED light bars can be made very thin, thereby occupying very little space. Furthermore, such an ergonomic design also reduces wind resistance by a significant margin.  

Highly Customizable

Although LEDs are generally used in the form of a strobe light, they can be easily programmed to mimic the flashing pattern of a traditional police light. Thus, it’s a convenient option that can be mounted in different parts of the cruiser with varying functions. 

Due to these characteristics, LED lights are definitely here to stay and are perhaps set to improve in the coming years. 

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