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3 Possible Police Car Trends To Look Out For

April 19, 2022

3 Possible Police Car Trends To Look Out For

It is obvious that police cruisers and other emergency vehicles are quite different in aesthetics and functionality than a regular sedan, hatchback or SUV. The vehicles in a police fleet are distinguishable by their flashing lights, sirens, and superior technological modifications that let them perform efficiently in high-stress situations. Moreover, with constant technological innovation, a variety of police car parts and accessories could see drastic upgrades in the coming years, irrespective of geography. While the exact modifications might vary from country to country, some common trends might still hold true. 

To elaborate further, here are 3 possible major innovations in police car parts.

Voice Activation

With virtual assistance technology already becoming commonplace in the commercial market, its incredible benefits will also be reaped by the police in the coming years. The need for this technology arises due to an array of complex buttons, panels and instruments in a police car, and manoeuvring this equipment, as well as the vehicle, can be a challenge. To address this, the police might use voice activation technology that will let officers easily navigate the virtually endless tactical equipment in their police cruiser. It is possible that officers will be able to access criminal records and run license plates with just their voice in the future.

Ergonomic Mounting Systems

While mounting laptops in police cruisers have shown incredible benefits, it can be further enhanced by ergonomic mounting systems, such as using a tablet instead of a laptop that is directly mounted on the dashboard. This small change could create some space in the front for both the driver and the passenger, significantly improving comfort in the long run.

Advanced Loudspeaker System

Gone are the days of police manually using a handheld loudspeaker to make an announcement. With the advent of compact and advanced loudspeaker systems that can be mounted on the front and rear ends of vehicles, it’s easy to hit the perfect, volume, pitch, and treble, making their announcements reach far and wide. This will really be impactful during an emergency situation. Moreover, it can also play pre-recorded messages for certain scenarios such as a missing person, an active search in the area or a plethora of other situations.

Overall, it is highly possible that these advancements in police vehicle accessories will become commonplace in the coming years, further improving the performance and comfort levels of the officers. 

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