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2 Possible Police Car Light Trends To Watch Out For

August 16, 2022

2 Possible Police Car Light Trends To Watch Out For

Police car lights are an integral part of cruisers, ensuring proper illumination of the surroundings. They also ensure the safety of the officers and bystanders. Over the years, these police lights have seen a lot of innovation. Starting from basic incandescent versions and flashing halogen lamps to sleek LED lights, this technology has come a long way. Now, these LED lights on automotive vehicles are bound to see even more innovation in the coming years. 2 such emerging technologies and their impact will be discussed below.

2 automotive LED light trends.

Compact yet powerful lighting

The headlights on a police cruiser are one of the most prominent sources of illumination, apart from the flashing strobe lights on the bumper, dash or top. However, these headlights still take up a lot of space in the front to provide optimal lighting. Thus, headlights might become more compact in the coming years, without compromising on brightness. Using a technology called matrix lighting, it would be possible to have powerful headlights with a very small surface area. Consequently, this would free up space to add more defensive or tactical solutions on the front of police cars.


Software-controlled headlamps

While most cars can dim the headlights or use high or low beams, it still causes visual distress to oncoming motorists. However, with the advent of digitized led headlamps, this problem will become obsolete. In this system, each pixel of light will be digitally controlled, making it easy to adhere to various regional lighting regulations. Therefore, using them in police cars will allow officers to use lights more discreetly, which could be extremely useful for more covert operations. 


Apart from these 2 trends, one can also expect to see the prominence of autonomous driving using Light Detection And Ranging or LiDAR, which will be used in conjunction with radar and cameras to perfect this system. Although this technology is still in its infancy.


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