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Why Lighting is Integral for Police Vehicle Equipment

October 05, 2017

Why Lighting is Integral for Police Vehicle Equipment

Lighting accessories play a crucial role in distinguishing the usability and safety of police vehicles. Additional facilities that will help your fleet of police vehicles stand out are the safety and communication facilities on board. When well matched with the right use, this set of equipment enhances the visibility and safety of those on-board during emergency and non-emergency rides.

To select the right lighting for a police vehicle, you need to have adequate knowledge on what is available in the market. Common market offerings for police vehicle equipment and accessories are:


  • Grille lights (lighting head lamps)
  • Dash LED lights
  • LED hideaways (including visor LEDs and Tail lights)
  • Beacons and mini-bars
  • LED rear deck and light bars

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to begin selecting the type of lighting most appropriate for your police vehicle equipment.

Critical considerations to take into account when making such a decision include:


  • The types of lighting accessories approved for use by your department
  • The degree of accessorizing required – partial or complete overhaul
  • Cost efficiency and service life of the lighting facilities available

In addition to considering the critical legal lighting requirements for your police department, you’ll also need to differentiate the lighting available by various metrical factors such as:


  • The color and intensity of the light
  • Shape and size of the lights
  • Durability of the LEDs used in the lighting

Once these concerns are effectively taken care of, your car accessorizing is half way done. The remaining work requires re-thinking the safety and communication appropriateness of the fleet of vehicles. Additional police vehicle equipment that will leave your vehicles precisely branded includes:


  • Safety radio facilities and speakers
  • Surveillance and crime-scene management tools
  • Communication and connectivity equipment


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