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Why Any City, Town or Municipality Should Depend on Trusted Vehicle Outfitters
Why Any City, Town or Municipality Should Depend on Trusted Vehicle Outfitters
February 20, 2018

When there is a car crash, accident, or injury, we all expect first responders and emergency vehicles to arrive without delay and get to their work efficiently.  In the same way, we expect that roadwork and construction is done well and in a quick manner to avoid inconvenience or further work. As such, outfitting any fleet of service vehicles requires a trusted provider, one that has been in the driver's seat in the vehicle outfitters industry for years - providing great customer service, a wide range of equipment and quality vehicles while keeping competitive prices.


Why Any City, Town or Municipality Should Depend on Trusted Vehicle Outfitters


Service vehicles have to do it all; from protecting people, to responding to damage to property and assisting in construction and repair work. Every service vehicle - fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and construction trucks- have certain products that make the work easier, safer and quicker: camera systems, light bars, radar, video, speakers, sirens, vehicle lighting, vehicle opening tools, strobes, or emergency sirens - it’s all about quality.   


Our current Special Package offer includes Arrowboards at a highly competitive prices, installed by our expert technical staff.  This includes the Arrow Board (ERT306015KHT) and two Beacons (BCN24). This offer runs until Febuary 28th, 2018. Read more here!

Equipment requirements will vary with each vehicle, but Darta Fleet Solutions is a Canadian company with a well established reputation and strong industry connections. We have highly experienced, knowledgeable staff who can help any enterprise meet their service needs.

Our facility can upgrade and outfit up to 300 vehicles at a time, allowing us to outfit any service or emergency fleet with accuracy, speed and competitive rates. We are proud to use high-quality gear, parts and vehicles from trusted providers. From police fleets, canine units, fire and service trucks to emergency vehicles – we can provide solutions and upgrades to meet any demand.


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