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What Sets Fleet Outfitters Apart

September 07, 2018

What Sets Fleet Outfitters Apart

At Darta Enterprises, we strive to be a one-stop fleet outfitters proudly serving Canadian law enforcement and response personnel. We can offer extensive outfitting services to enhance police cars as well as service vehicles. We offer custom outfitting and professional installation with extensive options for police and service SUVs, trucks and sedans.


As trusted fleet outfitters, we employ only high quality materials and parts from reputable providers, and we rely on a modern facility with the capacity to outfit more than 300 vehicles.


We have extensive experience in vehicle outfitting and customization, and we take pride on our relationship with police forces and reputable providers across North America. Our electronic engineers, technicians and mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and can offer professional advice.

Custom outfitting can improve the performance and appearance of any vehicle. In order to help law enforcement in their duty, we offer:


  • Enhancement of the Communications Lines – Adjustments and enhancements made to the broadband radio and connectivity systems, allowing for greater ease of communication.
  • Appearance Modifications – This is useful for police cars that want to remain undetected in order to carry out surveillance or control activities.
  • Lights and Sirens – Essential for law enforcement vehicles, we can install LED lights and sirens to ensure visibility and easy management of other vehicles on the road.
  • Safe Storage – Partitions and safe compartments can aid law enforcement officers to respond to any emergency with the right tools like first aid or overdose kits.
  • Equipment Mounts – A police vehicle requires mounts to hold vital equipment like computers, searchlights or weapons.
  • Decals and Design – We can apply custom decals, markings and paint designs to specific requirements.


We offer quality gear, thorough experience in the industry and strong connections in our community. Learn more about our services as fleet outfitters, contact Darta today to speak with an expert or to request a consultation.