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What is Vehicle Outfitting?

December 17, 2019

What is Vehicle Outfitting?

Regardless of your regular mode of transportation, it’s likely you’ve come across a police vehicle or other type of emergency vehicle while out and about. It’s hard not to notice these vehicles –  they are intentionally designed to look different than your average sedan or SUV.


Custom vehicle outfitters are tasked with designing and equipping standard vehicles with the necessary components to ensure that regular operations are conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes everything from its flashing lights and sirens, to the computer consoles, and tactical equipment in its interior.


But what does the vehicle outfitting process entail?


Today we’ll discuss what vehicle outfitting is, and how custom vehicle outfitters approach an outfitting project.


What is vehicle outfitting exactly?


Vehicle outfitting is the process in which an average vehicle is suited with additional equipment and components. To ensure optimal results, it’s important to search for a vehicle outfitter service that is experienced, knowledgeable and certified to ensure you and your fleet are able to perform everyday operations effectively.


Different emergency vehicles will have different needs. So finding a custom vehicle outfitter that specializes in providing the necessary onboard equipment for your scope of emergency work is essential.



How do custom vehicle outfitters operate?


Typically, a vehicle outfitter will begin by first assessing your needs in a consultation. Once the outfitter has a solid understanding of what your needs are and what products will best suit them, you can choose whether or not you want to proceed with service. The servicing stage involves the installation of products and equipment as part of the vehicle outfitting process. At the end of this multi-stage process, you should end up with a fully outfitted fleet that meet those needs discussed in the initial consultation.



How can I find a reputable custom vehicle outfitter for my fleet?


Darta Fleet Solutions offers the experience and capabilities necessary to ensuring your fleet needs are met with an optimal solution. Having worked with multiple police and EMS fleets across Ontario, you can rest assured knowing we are perfectly capable of getting the job done effectively. Our team of engineers and specialists only rely on the best of the best when it comes to the products and equipment used in the outfitting process. For all your fleet needs, call Darta Fleet Solutions today!