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Video: Emergency Vehicle Outfitters – Our Lighting Solutions

August 27, 2018

Video: Emergency Vehicle Outfitters – Our Lighting Solutions


Lighting accessories play a crucial role in the efficiency of response vehicles. They are critical in distinguishing the vehicle and ensuring a path is cleared through traffic when needed, or to otherwise alert individuals to their intentions.


We offer all types of lighting solutions usually needed to outfit a police vehicle, ambulance or firetruck – including grille lights, dashboard LED lights, LED hideaways, beacon lights, and rear-side LEDs. When lighting is not enough, we can also install safety radio and speaker facilities, along with other types of communication equipment.


At Darta Fleet Solutions, your emergency vehicle outfitters, we have a modern facility that can outfit up to 300 cars in a 30,000 square foot space. We have the tools, equipment and experience to outfit any response vehicle with modern and dependable accessories, because we recognize that communication is crucial in any kind of emergency response, and want to bring you only the very best.