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Types of Visual Emergency Vehicle Warning Signs

September 07, 2016

Types of Visual Emergency Vehicle Warning Signs

Emergency vehicle equipment is specific to emergency service vehicles, you will not be able to find the specified equipment and products on a regular vehicle. This equipment is meant to warn or alert people of fire, collisions or other life threatening emergencies, letting them that the way has to be cleared. The signs are mostly visual and are subcategorized in to:

Passive visual signs

Most of the passive visual emergency vehicle equipment signs are made using a contrast of colors.  Vehicles which were built long ago had their colors painted on them while those in the modern life are fitted with retro reflective signs which reflect when hit by car lights. Bright colors like yellow and orange are mostly used as they can be seen from far easily. Another way in which passive warning is done is by spelling the names on the front part of a vehicle in reverse like fire or ambulance. It helps other road users identify the vehicle amidst others while using the rear mirror and therefore cooperate in giving way.

Active visual warnings

They are full of life as they include lights which keep on flashing to easily catch the attention of other people. Most colors common in the beacons to alert people include:  red and blue. A vehicle can have both depending on the country of operation and the choice of the colour to come up solely depends on the one operating. Vehicles fitted with such can be used for different purposes like fending off people from an accident scene, warning road users of a collision at the place where they are and responding to other emergencies which may occur in homes or places of work.

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