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Two Upgrade Choices to Keep in Mind for Emergency Vehicles

August 30, 2019

Two Upgrade Choices to Keep in Mind for Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles are critical vessels for first-responders when helping to save lives. As such, it can be paramount that the vehicle perform its essential duties as efficiently as possible; usually requiring upgrades be installed by custom vehicle outfitters.


While many upgrade choices exist for an emergency vehicle, there are, what we believe to be, two tantamount upgrades you should consider running by in order to increase you capabilities when having to deal with emergency situations:


1) Intelligent Monitoring Systems

While it can be considered honourable for a police dog to pass away performing its trained duties, the same can’t be said for their avoidable deaths caused by heat exhaustion when accidentally left inside K9 unit vehicles.


Fortunately, technology exists to curb these situations from ever occurring via advanced sensors; installed and customized by custom vehicle outfitters, they have the capability of monitoring temperature, and humidity levels in real-time in the vehicle. Thresholds can then be put into place so that alerts can be provided and accessed by those authorized to do so, keeping our four-legged officers safe in the vehicle.


2) Intuitive and Accessible Information Systems

There exists an abundance of old, retrofitted, and bulky mobile data terminals in law enforcement vehicles. To combat this, we at Darta Fleet Solutions recently had the honour of participating in an initiative known as #MobilityFirst – a collaboration between multiple companies dedicated around the idea of increasing accessibility and interoperability in terminal policing technology; helping to bring the office and officer closer together with proprietary mobile applications, police records, and dispatch systems.


The upgrades outlined above, and many more, are installations that we provide here at Darta Fleet Solutions. As custom vehicle outfitters, we’re dedicated to our craft by providing services for the police, fire, EMS, and municipal vehicle markets with pricing that stays fair, and products that do not compromise in regards to quality.


Get in touch with us for a consultation with one of our experienced staff to understand the next steps for your emergency vehicle customization.