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Top 3 Underrated Police Vehicle Accessories

September 08, 2017

Top 3 Underrated Police Vehicle Accessories

One of the most iconic emergency vehicles is the police cruiser. Aside from the flashing lights and the siren, there are other police vehicle accessories that serve a vital purpose to emergency workers. The following are some of the other important police vehicle accessories outfitted in a cruiser.


Some of the most underrated police vehicle accessories include:


  1. The Cage. This is an important police vehicle feature, built to protect the officers from violent offenders placed in the back seat of the cruiser. This vital car feature is essentially a steel mesh cage, built with bulletproof glass around the frame of the cage. The police vehicle seats, especially the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat, have protective metal plating to avoid any stabbing or violent attack coming from the rear.
  2. The Trunk. This is the best showcase for an outfitter to properly provide the right police vehicle accessories. The trunk of a police vehicle does not operate in the same manner as a regular car does. In police cruisers, all manner of bulky police equipment is stowed away in the rear. Here, there are specialized compartments for high powered weapons, body armor, a first aid kit and other specialized tools and equipment that may be necessary for police officers to perform their duty.
  3. The Electronics. Amongst modern police vehicle accessories are communication devices, sirens, speakers, and led lights. These electronics help police officers perform their tasks and complement their emergency response activities. The communications technology in use has become high tech, with onboard computers to help in the communication and identification of individuals subjected to police action. Simpler police accessories, such as the flashing lights, provide both warning as well as illumination during police operations.

Outfitting police vehicle accessories involves both imagination and engineering. The imagination should include foresight to protect the police officers in the conduct of their responsibilities.