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The Value of Professional Custom Vehicle Outfitters

July 10, 2018

The Value of Professional Custom Vehicle Outfitters

A reliable and efficient mode of transportation for security, response and emergency personnel is very important in an increasingly fast paced world. Outfitting a service vehicle in these fields is one of the most important investments a company or force needs to make. With the professional services of trusted and certified custom vehicle outfitters, emergency, service and security personnel can be more efficient in response.


As custom vehicle outfitters for many important sectors like private security, police enforcement, or public services, we rely on well established relationships and experience in the industry to provide superior service.


We can provide trusted and certified equipment, and we are able to customize and outfit service fleets of up to 300 cars in our modern facility.


Many police boards opt to customize vehicles with specialized equipment and additional features.

Some vehicles require customization, while others require modifications or upgrades. Whether they must be clearly visible or be disguised for covert operations, having the right police vehicle equipment ensures efficient and safe action. It is of great importance in assisting officers and enable them to respond quickly to emergencies, crime, and operations in high risk areas. Such vehicles are equipped with cameras, enhanced communications and lighting devices, sirens and speakers, cabinets for specialized equipment, laptop mounts, first-aid kits, customized storage, in-car video systems, and much more.


We understand police or response personnel cannot afford to delay in many cases. At Darta Fleet Outfitters, we can provide the equipment necessary to ensure efficiency, safety, and speed for a range of service vehicles and SUVs vital in response and service. We have a dedicated team of technicians and expert custom vehicle outfitters who can work closely with any force or company in order to determine their specific requirements and best solutions. Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.