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The Importance of Technologically Advanced Tactical Vehicles for SWAT Teams

April 24, 2018

The Importance of Technologically Advanced Tactical Vehicles for SWAT Teams

For tactical vehicle outfitters police vehicles are one of the most common type of project we work on. And law enforcement officers are expected to drive these vehicles throughout their entire career. Tactical assault vehicles on the other hand are vehicles are especially used by the SWAT team to transport heavily armed officers and equipment. These vehicles are rarer in not only the police force, but also for tactical vehicle outfitters.

New developments and technologies for tactical vehicles are always emerging, and tactical vehicle outfitters best stay abreast.

The two most common types of vehicles used for tactical situations are armored and non-armored deployment vehicles. The armored-type vehicles allow tactical teams to deploy much closer to dangerous crisis, as they are able to repel gunfire. They enable officers to perform critical missions and rescue operation in a mobile, safe, and secure environment.

On the other hand, the non-armored-types look much more like commercial trucks, making them perfect to surprise offenders. Their size can accommodate an entire SWAT team and their equipment, which can be deployed from the side or the rear of the vehicle. While both of these vehicles may look common and similar to a lay person, expert tactical vehicle outfitters know the challenges of maximizing their safety, while reducing the impact on their capacity, efficiency and performance.

Tactical assault vehicles are specially designed with drawers, compartments, and a tread plate roof for accommodating an observation deck with ladder and side rails for SWAT teams.  The versatile rear of the vehicle can house many of the standard features including multiple workstations, custom cabinets, LCD TVs, wiring for LAN and roof-mounted cameras with remote controlled pan. Tactical vehicle outfitters can also install command center features as per need and expected function of the vehicle.

Everything from weapons, body armor, policing software, drones, and more are securely accommodated to ensure safe transport of the team and their equipment.

Of course, the vehicle itself must be dependable too. Tactical vehicle outfitters turn vehicles into rugged, rough-terrain machines. The thin standard tires with their limited load bearing capability and their propensity to get punctures are replaced. Bullet-proof tactical tires can handle all sorts of tough situations and terrains.

Darta Fleet Solutions is a leading tactical vehicle outfitters that specializes in servicing the police sector and other emergency responders. We have the capacity and the capability to take on any project size, from one tactical vehicle solution to a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, we have done it all with highest quality.