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The Importance of Proper Emergency Vehicle Equipment

November 07, 2016

The Importance of Proper Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Emergencies can strike anyone at anytime. It is so important for emergency vehicles to reach the scene as early as possible. Emergency vehicles need to be seen and heard for other vehicles/people to make way for them. Whether it is an ambulance, fire truck or police car, their high speeds on their way to hazardous situations cannot be deterred because it can be a case of life and death. They need adequate equipment to ensure they can gain access to areas that normal vehicles wouldn't be allowed to. This is why the right emergency vehicle equipment is so important. These vehicles need to be fitted with the correct visual warning signs and signage to warn other road users and the public in general that they are rushing to get to another destination.

Today there are professional suppliers and installers of emergency vehicle equipment and they work on individual cars or entire fleets of emergency vehicles. They will usually have many installation bays to complete different installation jobs quickly. At an emergency vehicle outfitter like Darta Fleet Solutions, they often carry a complete line of products and services is available for every kind of emergency vehicle.

Equipment for every Kind of Emergency

Police vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks all require different equipment, from flashing colored lights or light bars complete with audible warning devices, to grille lights to sirens and public address systems to 2-way radios, mobile data terminals to computers, docking stations and much more, different emergency services require different types of equipment at different emergency scenes.

Always do the proper research to find which is simply your best choice for major emergency equipment. They don’t mind what type of model vehicle you have; their broad range of equipment, from lights right up to prisoner containment products, weapon storage cabinets and vaults fit every vehicle.


With Darta Fleet Solutions, every client benefits from their personalized levels of service, and with their facility which has space for large fleets, your emergency vehicle will always be ready to serve your community.