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The Difference Between Police Vehicles and Regular Cars

May 30, 2019

The Difference Between Police Vehicles and Regular Cars

If you’re a regular driver, you should already know what to expect when a police vehicle flashes its lights behind you to pull over.

Unlike regular cars, police vehicles are distinct in that they are easily recognizable across boundary lines. But what else make these vehicles different?

Emergency vehicles are outfitted to ensure police personnel are able to conduct daily operations effectively in the field.

While different municipalities will have slight variation in their police vehicle supply, there are consistencies found across most police vehicles found today.


Today we’ll discuss how police vehicles differ from regular cars


Distinguishable Features


On first glance obvious distinguishable features that separate police vehicles from regular cars are exterior facets such as the light bars, sirens, and bumper guards. The red and blue flashing lights we see atop police vehicles and accompanying sirens are synonymous with emergency – indicating to regular drivers to give right of way to an emergency vehicle approaching. Bumper guards or push bars are often mounted on the front of a police vehicle act as a preventative barrier in the event of an accident.

There are also many types of emergency vehicles of varying make that compose of a complete police vehicle supply. Two examples are pursuit and special services vehicles, which will differ in interior and exterior features depending on application.


Optimized for Maximum Space


Emergency vehicles are optimized to maximize space in the outfitting process. Police personnel often work out of their cars and use a range of technology when conducting day-to-day operations. To that end, emergency vehicles must be equipped to hold the equipment necessary to working in the field.


Built for Durability


Police vehicles are designed and enhanced to last. Police vehicles offer more durability than regular cars. From high-performing engines, heavy duty seating, upgraded coolers and large radiators, reinforced suspension systems and much more – police vehicles are a completely different configuration than your typical SUV or sedan.  


Final Takeaways


The outfitting of a complete vehicle supply is the difference between a regular car and a police vehicle. It is no question that police vehicles make for impressive vehicles, as they are outfitted to ensure officers are fully capable of conducting daily operations as effectively and efficiently as possible.