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Stay Alert, Stay Safe: Police Vehicle Equipment Components

May 11, 2017

Stay Alert, Stay Safe: Police Vehicle Equipment Components

In our democratic society, the role of the police work is to help maintain law and order. Effectively carrying out this purpose requires the right type of equipment, which includes vehicles. Police vehicle equipment enables officers to quickly respond to an emergency, crime scene and/or operate in high risk areas. A typical police car must have the following components:

Enhanced Lighting Devices

These include lightbars, dash and visor lights, revolving lights and LEDs. Lightbars are a favorite for many officers. They are installed on the roof of the car where they are easily visible. Visor lights are excellent for undercover vehicles because they are hidden.

Sirens and PA speakers

Sirens are audio devices that are used to signal that a police cruiser is passing through or announce that the police are nearby. This notifies all other drivers to pull over. These speakers are essential police vehicle equipment because they are used to communicate in high risk areas and hostile environments.

Push bumpers

At some point, an officer will be involved in a pursuit. Push bumpers fitted at the front of the vehicle and in this situation serve as a form of protection from collisions. They also reduce damage caused by impact.


Cabinets are used to store and secure weapons such as guns, as well as safely transport technological equipment which may include laptops and cameras.

Cameras and Antennae

Whether in a pursuit or a quiet investigation, police cars must be fitted with cameras and antennae to aid in communication and gathering of evidence. High speed cameras are the best for police cars because they ensure that details are captured even in high-speed chases. Footage from these cameras are used for crime and performance analysis.

Laptop stands

These stands are installed on the dashboard. They are used to secure laptops that are in use on the field. This way, police officers are able to work remotely and access important information that can aid in their operations.

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