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Selecting the Best Car Outfitters for Your Fleet

July 02, 2020

Selecting the Best Car Outfitters for Your Fleet

If you’re looking to upgrade your police fleet, it’s important to find emergency vehicle outfitters who offer the knowledge, capabilities, and experience needed to get the job done effectively. Emergency car outfitters are tasked with the design, and equipping of standard vehicles with high quality infrastructure and other necessary components to make certain that everyday operations are smooth and efficient for officers on the job. This can include equipping your vehicle with hi-tech computer consoles, interior tactical equipment, LED bacons, light bars, and more. 


When searching for quality car outfitters near you, you’ll want to make certain they are capable of meeting your unique fleet needs. 


Different emergency vehicles will ultimately have a specific set of needs. Finding a vehicle outfitter that has experience meeting similar needs to yours will allow you to rest easy knowing they are capable of outfitting your vehicle effectively. 


You’ll be able to assess whether or not the car outfitter is capable of meeting your needs by the end of the consultation. The consultation is the first step of the vehicle outfitting process. It’s during this step that the vehicle outfitter should be able to develop a good understanding of your needs, and what products are available that will best suit them. Once you’ve agreed on what products and services your vehicle needs, the vehicle outfitter will begin with the installation process. 


The scope of your vehicle needs will inevitably shape what the installation process will look like. Once this process is completed, the final result should be a fully outfitted fleet. 


Are you in need of an experienced vehicle outfitter for your fleet?


Darta Fleet Solutions specializes in outfitting fleet vehicles. With years of experience servicing multiple police and EMS fleets in Ontario, we are fully capable of meeting your unique fleet needs seamlessly. Our dedicated team of professionals hold a higher standard of excellence when it comes to the products and equipment used to outfit your vehicles. Call us today to learn more about our vehicle outfitting services!