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Reliable Police Vehicle Supply

March 07, 2018

Reliable Police Vehicle Supply

Police vehicle equipment and accessories are crucial in the day-to-day operations. Aside from helping our law enforcement officers to easily navigate through traffic, these pieces of equipment and accessories also ensure their safety. Having a well-established and reliable police vehicle supply is crucial to every law enforcement agency. This is to make sure that every police officer has the essential tools to stay safe and professionally enforce the law.


At Darta Enterprises, we strive to provide all enforcement agencies with trusted and proven gear, dependable tools and reliable vehicles. This is how we can make the difference in police vehicle supply:



Traffic Navigation - Having highly visible and well-functioning sirens with LED lights will allow police officers to easily navigate through traffic and signal to any vehicle. They are crucial for them to respond quickly to any circumstance that requires immediate response. We can also provide concealed lighting (i.e. windshield lights) to allow enforcement officers to conduct traffic control and other tactical approaches.


Safety Features – These are the accessories and equipment which provides safety in any enforcement vehicle. The partition, for example, protects police officers from any attacks from violent offenders seated in the back seat of the vehicle. Other equipment, including loudspeakers, mounts, decals, reinforced glass and many more accessories are designed to boost the safety of both officers and the public.


Faster Response Time – We can assist any law enforcement agency in improving response time with trusted vehicles and equipment that enables quicker and more effective response. With modern technologies aboard cruisers, vans and SUVs, police officers can communicate, navigate and plan with headquarters more efficiently - allowing them to respond to any situation.


Complete Set of Equipment - Having a reliable vehicle supply enables police officers to carry a complete set of tools and equipment that they may need in dangerous or pressing situations. We can outfit any vehicle or fleet to store important enforcement tools like high powered weapons, body armor, first aid kits, and lights along with any other tool that they may require.