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Reliable Police Vehicle Equipment is Key for Successful Police Operations

January 17, 2020

Reliable Police Vehicle Equipment is Key for Successful Police Operations

For every police officer, their vehicles are a lot more than just a mode of transportation. They play a significant role in facilitating successful police operations, from providing additional safety to officers to being a secure place for the storage of crucial gear. Needless to say, police vehicles function best with the right police vehicle equipment.


Of all the police vehicle equipment out there, there are two main classes of equipment that help officers have a better experience inside the vehicle itself.


Police Car Mounts and Docking Stations


Police car mounts and docking stations effectively organize and secure the technology equipment inside the police vehicle. As a result, laptops and other peripherals are more accessible to the team and can be customized to help improve productivity.


 In-Vehicle Computer System


An in-vehicle-computer system allows officers to access databases, fill out paperwork, upload digital photos, and record witness statements while at the scene. Understandably, working in a workstation with this set-up may not offer the most flexibility or security. For this reason, rugged tablets are much preferred over regular laptops.


Indeed, functional and cutting edge police vehicle equipment is crucial in ensuring that the general public benefits from law enforcement and safety services. With that said, while having the latest technologies and fastest connections are key in making our police forces more equipped, durability and security is still a major factor. It will not do to have high-tech solutions that do not stand the test of time.


As suppliers of equipment for police vehicles, Darta Fleet Solutions carefully engineers mobility solutions to deliver connectivity and reliable performance to the daily operations of police officers. Our products are designed to work in diverse environments and to increase efficiency, helping our police officers to work smarter and safer.


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