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Proper Installation of Police Accessories

September 22, 2016

Proper Installation of Police Accessories

The performance requirements of police vehicles differ from other emergency vehicles. Crime is on the rise and safety improvements in police vehicles are becoming more intense and in fact much research goes into the safety design of today's police cars; the car model, police vehicle accessories and more.

Improper Installations Lead to Tragedy

Each country's police fleets follow unique design features, because any police vehicle accessories improperly designed and mounted can become problematic in any emergencies. It is imperative to choose professional police vehicle outfitters because equipment such as air bags can malfunction if an outfitter does not properly install other components. Not only that, radios, cameras and videos also need to be strategically placed so that police can reach for them without having to twist around and take their eyes off the road.

Police vehicle accessories include the likes of air bags, prisoner transport compartments, dashboard-mounted radar sets, laptop computers, strobe lights, shotgun cabinets, cameras, video equipment and much more. Anything mounted improperly for instance can be struck by a deploying air bag, injuring the vehicle's occupants. Professional police vehicle outfitters always test their accessories time and time again to guarantee their installations will never jeopardize the safety of the passengers.

Choose Success

Darta Fleet Solutions are experienced professionals who know how critical it is to have the right equipment that is installed 100% accurately. From grill lights to police sirens to dog transport compartments, they know all the different types of police cars and models there are and what requirements each one has. Their massive facilities have room for many vehicles so there's never frustrating wait times while they rig up your police car. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians offer a full pickup and delivery service too, making them your one-stop-shop and winning team for all your vehicle outfitting requirements.