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Professional Fleet Outfitters

March 16, 2018

Professional Fleet Outfitters

No matter what type of fleet you have, or how unique the requirements of the vehicles, you will need quality services from the best fleet outfitters available. The right professionals will be able to work on your project effectively and efficiently without added delays, costs or issues.


Partnering with the right providers and community experts is crucial when outfitting service, emergency and law enforcement fleets. 


Professional fleet outfitters will take care of your specifications to make every vehicle in your fleet ready for service.


Experienced outfitters like Darta Enterprises can also provide different equipment configurations to suit the particular needs of any given force. Whether you’ve got trucks or vans that require lighting, tool boxes, drawer systems, side bars, full vehicle conversion, and more, the right fleet outfitters will ensure that everything is installed properly.


Safety, above all, is the fleet outfitters work - providing the right equipment and systems to keep responders, officers and technicians safe. At Darta Fleet Solutions, we are proud of our proven reputation as an outfitter, specializing in police, fire, service and EMS vehicles.


Our staff is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and very well experienced. We partner with the most reliable manufacturers guaranteed client safety and efficiency. We stand out by delivering high quality products and services, making us one of Ontario’s better trusted emergency vehicle outfitters. 


With a modern facility equipped with over 300 installation bays and expert professionals, turnaround time is very quick and efficient. This is to enable us to offer proper outfitting of different vehicles in any fleet.


We fully understand that outfitting a fleet is a big investment, one that often is paid by the taxpayer. That is why we offer maintenance and support services as well as updated and advanced equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.