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Police Vehicle Outfitters Must Have Quality Standards

June 16, 2016

Police Vehicle Outfitters Must Have Quality Standards

The blue light brigade has far more to it than flashing lights menacingly flashing to warn you to move over. Police vans with violent prisoners need to have their vehicles outfitted for safety. Steel mesh cages, bullet proof glass, CCTV, radios, lights, sirens and even steel plating to prevent knife attacks are part of modern day police vehicles.

Police vehicle outfitters have to also know how to cleverly incorporate storage containers for bulky police equipment such as guns, first aid kits, bolt cutters and bullet proof vests among others.  

The lights with a police car must be able to switch from white to blue to red lighting, depending on the situation. Police vehicles, rigged out with number plate readers, can read a number of number plates in just seconds because of a high-tech plate reader. All of those functions rely on having high quality police vehicle outfitters behind them.

Indestructible Equipment for Safety

Police vehicles aren't limited to cars either. They can be vans, armored vehicles or motorcycles too. This is to cater for the diverse methods of policing in the 21st century. Having the right vehicle simply translates into a more efficient and safe policing service.

When it comes to police vehicle outfitters, you need the most qualified and skilled experts there are. There can't be any flaws with any equipment when facing life and death situations. Equipment has to be indestructible and be manufactured according to quality assurance to meet the high safety and quality standards required for policing.

Police vehicles are also fitted with video recording systems. You can't have the system failing when you need to film what's going on outside the vehicle. With so much at stake, you dare not have faulty equipment installed. Darta Solutions knows this, and with their facilities and intelligent staff, they know how to outfit a vehicle in the interests of safety and efficiency.