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Police Vehicle Equipment – Reasons You May Have Missed

April 22, 2016

Police Vehicle Equipment – Reasons You May Have Missed

Police Vehicle Equipment
Reasons You May Have Missed 

Police vehicles are a staple of modern society, as many of the day-to-day public organization we take for granted such as traffic laws rely on the local police service to enforce those laws when necessary. Police vehicle equipment is what enables these men and women to do their job effectively, but many people are completely unaware of what equipment police vehicles often use. At some point, it’s unavoidable that you will be exposed to this kind of law enforcement paraphernalia, so it’s in your best interest to get acquainted now.

One such piece of law officer’s equipment are the body and dash cameras necessary to record their day-to-day tasks. For an average citizen, as long as the camera can record it’s basically good enough. For a law enforcement officer, there are many more features that are required in order for a police unit to do their job correctly. For example, durability becomes a much higher priority than you may be used to when using your own dash camera. When nearly all of your driving is done at traditional traffic speeds and on designated roads, it’s not necessary to consider the damage the environment can do in this case. However, a police officer may be required to take their dash camera with them into unverified environments, which may pose additional risk. Further, should a chase situation occur, a police officer has no control over where he may be lead to; environmental hazards can quickly become an issue, and allowing the camera to become inoperable from environmental damage is not an option.


Police vehicle equipment such as light fixtures are valuable additions to society

Light fixtures are an important part of the overall police vehicle equipment arsenal

Another important piece of technology are the police lights themselves. While it may not be readily apparent at first, there are a number of special features involved in producing those lights. For instance, did you know that lenses are often ‘hard-coated’ in order to protect from environmental damage? The sun can do more damage than you think to police vehicle equipment. Heat has to be directed away from the internal components to ensure the light remains operable for as long as possible. Usually, there are also service related features included in order to make the device as versatile as possible in the field. For example, the color of multiple sections of a light may need to be changed to meet the situation. Police vehicle equipment is usually designed to be able to handle the spontaneous nature of the job.