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Police Vehicle Accessory Basics

July 19, 2019

Police Vehicle Accessory Basics

The process of becoming a police officer is no walk in the park. Prospective officers must fulfill certain criteria to earn their badges before entering the field as a fully-fledged police officer. The training involved is strenuous but necessary to ensure you are equipped with the correct knowledge and conditioning to properly react to certain situations.


Once you’re officially hired on as an officer, you’ll likely need the following tactical equipment and police vehicle accessories to conduct your day-to-day operations. It is useful to have a basic understanding of what vehicle accessories are commonly used on the job.




What are some examples of common police vehicle accessories?


Police Sirens

Police sirens are easily one of the most useful tools at a police officer’s disposal. Its primary purpose is to alert pedestrians, drivers, and people in the nearby neighbourhood of a potential situation. There are multiple sounds a siren can make – each differing slightly to indicate a range of urgency.



Switch boxes allow police officers to control all the lights and sirens in one central place. Police officers are able to turn everything on or off at the flip of a switch.



Similar to police sirens, speakers are mounted on the exterior of the vehicle to grab the attention of drivers in order for them to make a path so the police vehicle can arrive safely on scene.


Consoles and Organizers

Consoles are mounted in the interior of a police vehicle, and are used to accommodate multiple radios and equipment that is within easy reach of the driver.



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