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Outstanding Fleet Outfitters

July 26, 2018

Outstanding Fleet Outfitters

At Darta Fleet Solutions, we lead the industry by providing innovative solutions that best suit the requirements of law enforcement and public service. To do this we count on highly skilled and trained technicians and state of the art facilities. As professional fleet outfitters, we have worked with private and public sectors to provide equipment, accessories and customized storage solutions throughout Ontario.


In order to provide lighting, sound and an extensive stock of equipment for law enforcement, we partner with reputable manufacturers and providers, ensuring quality and intelligent design.


Our customized services allow us to outfit police and service vehicles for improved mobility, navigation and emergency capabilities.


We are proud to lead the industry by working with our local enforcement and public service agencies, outfitting sedans, SUVS and trucks. Our modern facility can outfit up to 300 vehicles at a time with sirens, decals, mounts, partitions and much more. We employ only modern and reliable equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Our work is guaranteed for quality, as we deeply value the work our clients do every day.


We offer complete fleet outfitting services regardless of scale, from consultation, sales, services and installation. We deeply value the trust that our clients and industry partners place in us, and strive to provide police and response personnel everything they need to work safely and efficiently. We are commit to outstanding service backed by skill, quality and modern capabilities.


We consistently update our technological capabilities as well as the skill. We do not just have excellent fleet outfitters, all of them are leaders who can actually provide and guide you in the business and other needs that may arise.


Contact Darta Fleet Outfitters today to speak with an expert or to request a quote for any service fleet. We can provide expert consulting, service and design backed by years of experience and innovation.