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Outfitting the Next Generation of Police Fleet Vehicles

May 29, 2018

Outfitting the Next Generation of Police Fleet Vehicles

At Darta, we take our work as fleet outfitters with law enforcement and response fleets very seriously. In order to provide them with the best and most modern tools available we stay up to date on the most important trends in the next generation of response vehicles.


We have established partnerships and extensive expertise as fleet outfitters to best serve our enforcement and response departments, relying on a modern facility that can gear up to 300 vehicles at a time.


When it comes to outfitting police and emergency vehicles, safety, efficiency and speed are of paramount importance. This means including built-in displays, mounts, partitions, reinforced glass and other capabilities critical for police vehicles. Customization is also important, allowing specific vehicles to serve specific purposes like stealth or traffic enforcement. As professional fleet outfitters, we can equip any type of fleet to efficiently move through traffic while keeping personnel safe.


Police cars have to reach scenes of distress quickly and safely and with equipment such as lightbars, sirens and loudspeakers they are instantly recognizable. These vehicles are usually different models depending on the force and setting, but whether they are manufactured as police cars or not they can be further modified to become more powerful, faster and equipped with an extraordinary range of features and capabilities.


The increasing need for more cargo storage has also prompted many agencies to favor SUVs. The best-selling police vehicle in North America, Ford’s Interceptor Utility, is a good example of this trend. The 2018 F-150 Police Responder is great at chasing down as well as towing when needed. It also offers the most front shoulder room and legroom to comfortably seat several officers in full body armor while carrying their duty gears. Increased room also enables more features and equipment to be made available to frontline officers.


Darta Fleet Solutions is a one-stop-shop fleet outfitters, specializing in expert consultation and installation of emergency and safety gears for vehicle fleets.