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Outfit Your Vehicle Today

February 16, 2016

Outfit Your Vehicle Today

Have you ever imagined of having that extra oomph on your favourite car by making it a transporting powerhouse?  Take your pick from a variety of all vehicle accessories and make Darta Fleet solutions your car outfitter of choice. We are the right experts to approach when you want to get more than what a regular car manufacturer provides. We have carried out detailed research to ensure we capture every detail when it comes to making your car’s performance, making it better in all aspects.


Our auto parts include car springs and shock absorbers that will make you forget about all your driving complaints. Tubeless wheels with high quality rims, high performance engine transmission, and body paint jobs can all make you the envy of your block. Our commitment to rock solid enhancements, and stellar paint jobs make us a stand out car outfitters company.


In our shop, our car outfitters are fully experienced and ready to assist you by making your dreams a reality. We are able to transform a humble small car into a workhorse; you name it, we do it. We have collaborated with the best parts manufacturers to make sure your car improves in quality and will exceed your expectations. We don’t discriminate on fleet size, we’ll handle any job, as we have ample space, tons of accessories and a crew of car outfitters ready to get your job done in a short amount of time.


We are proud car outfitters as our automotive products have outstanding performance reviews, and help keep us as a top choice among automotive outfitter companies. Our customers love what we do, we transform simple cars into rocking high-quality road machines that steal all the attention on the road. Once you hit the road don’t be surprised if other cars stop to take a second look. We can’t describe it all here, make a visit with your car and find out about our amazing upgrades that will transform your vehicle.