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How Important Is Police Vehicle Equipment?

December 21, 2016

How Important Is Police Vehicle Equipment?

Police vehicle equipment is built to respond to every kind of emergency, enabling officers to get to high intensity situations quickly and efficiently. Police vehicles are rigged out with visual and audible warnings. Not only do these vehicles have to be capable of driving at high speeds, but they typically also carry specialized police vehicle equipment and have tempered windows for protection against bullets and other debris. Specialized police cars transport police dogs and are known as K-9 units, while others are rigged up with CCTV cameras mounted on the roof of their cars. Police vehicles may even be rigged up with water cannons to disperse rioters or put out fires started by hooligans.

Safety Always an Important Element

Safety is a vital element when it comes to police vehicle equipment. Police vehicles can be modified for higher speeds, better cooling systems, as well as upgrades to the electrical system of the car to allow for even more electronic equipment. Emergency vehicles are often outfitted with fire extinguishers, light bars, rotating beacons, sirens, special locking compartments for firearm storage, mobile data terminals and much more.

In order to be properly prepared for whatever dangers are thrown in their way, police vehicles and the brave officers that drive them have to be equipped to master any situation. The right police vehicle equipment results in a police force that has the tools to respond to any emergency.

The Right Choice

Darta Fleet Solutions has facilities with bays for more than 300 vehicles. With their huge range of sophisticated machinery and equipment, this dedicated company has become the first choice for most discerning police fleet vehicles. Whether it is lighting, sound, or storage solutions, the professionals at Darta stock all their highly dependable police vehicle equipment in-house. With capable installation, your police vehicle will be fortified with the highest quality equipment for any situation.