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Ford Explorer Utility 2020 - A Highly Capable Police Vehicle

July 09, 2020

Ford Explorer Utility 2020 - A Highly Capable Police Vehicle

Police vehicles set themselves apart from civilian vehicles in the technology and equipment in which they feature. From exterior identifiers such as light bars, markings, bumper cars to interior capability and features like durability, power, and police vehicle equipment, police vehicles are designed and equipped to meet the demands of officers on the job.


From design and manufacture to outfitting with police vehicle equipment, police vehicles must be able to accommodate the versatile needs of ensuring efficiency in every day operations.


As such, they must be built to be more powerful and durable than the average SUV. Car manufacturers work with police officers to manufacture a high-quality vehicle reliable enough for daily police use. 


The Ford 2020 Explorer Utility 


One such vehicle is the Ford 2020 Explorer Utility manufactured by Ford Motors. Ford Motors offers over 70 years of experience working with police enforcement to design and manufacture reliable police vehicles for law enforcement. Ford Motor’s first pursuit-rated hybrid SUV was made to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement. The Ford 2020 Explorer Utility offers just as much safety as it does power and performance. It also features interior cargo and enough space to integrate the necessary police vehicle equipment for the job. 


One of its more advantageous safety features is its ability to ensure that officers are afforded great safety while operating the Ford 2020 Explorer Utility. As the only vehicle of its kind to meet a 75-MPH rear-impact crash test, you can rest easy knowing your officers are protected even when impacted at high speeds.


Another great benefit to the Ford 2020 Explorer Utility is its adaptability when it comes to the car outfitting process. The Ford 2020 Explorer Utility can be outfitted in accordance with your fleet demands. All you require is the service of a reputable police vehicle outfitter. Luckily, Darta Fleet Solutions offers the experience and capability necessary to ensure your Ford 2020 Explorer Utility is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for officers to use on the job. 


To learn more about our car outfitting process, call Darta Fleets today!