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Fleet Outfitters Look to Enhance Operator Ease-of-use

June 27, 2018

Fleet Outfitters Look to Enhance Operator Ease-of-use

As fleet outfitters looking after the needs of a variety of law and order agencies and emergency response organizations, we know how important it is to remain on the cutting edge of technology to offer the best equipment to our customers. As such, we have rapidly adopted new lighting and sound technologies, integrated hardware and software systems to aid connectivity with base, and made large strides in bracing and metal structures – keeping or increasing their strength while reducing bulk.


Not just enhancing the capability of vehicles, fleet outfitters must look to the human-machine interface to aid speed and convenience in emergency response.


Sometimes, however, it is developments in the consumer segment that can inspire change for emergency vehicle fitments offered by fleet outfitters. In this latest piece we look at some consumer level tech that can be harnessed to make emergency response for ambulances and law and order agencies that much quicker.


Keyless entry – So pervasive in the consumer vehicle segment, as fleet outfitters we would be in dereliction of duty if we didn’t mention this. Loaded with gear, with an urgent intent, you begin to fumble in your pocket for your key? We think not. Fleet outfitters can add keyless door opening and starting to your vehicle to make ingress all that much faster.


Connectivity – Connectivity is a theme that is going to run and run with fleet outfitters. Having seen how much more effective law and order officers can be with systems connected wirelessly to their home stations, it is but natural other services would like to take advantage of this. Ambulances connected to hospitals can transmit information about patient condition, patrol cars can send their exact location, and vehicle can coordinate efforts much more finely. Officers and medics will also be able to gather information, refer to manuals and perform internet searches on the go, increasing their situational awareness and effectiveness in the field.


Tags – A growing concern that we as fleet outfitters hear is about the possibility of sensitive hardware being removed from the vehicle. Other than securing such equipment directly to the vehicle, another option would be alarm activation if the vehicle is accessed by an unauthorized individual, and if such person attempts to extricate hardware when the vehicle is unattended.