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Find out more about emergency vehicle equipment

April 11, 2016

Find out more about emergency vehicle equipment

Emergency vehicles are a regular part of society, and it’s the emergency vehicle equipment that allows them to do their job. As a driver, you are taught to make way for vehicles who appropriately signal. When you dial the emergency operating line for assistance, the bright flashing lights of an approaching police vehicle is a clear way for you to know help has arrived. Keeping these things in mind is a nearly everyday concern for the average person, but most aren’t aware of who helps to make these vehicles as unique as they are. Emergency vehicle outfitters make sure to prepare a wide variety of emergency vehicle equipment for many kinds of enforcement agencies.

While everybody learns to recognize some kinds of emergency vehicle equipment early on, such as the traditional blue and red sirens of police vehicles, some other types often go unnoticed. For example, did you realize that many enforcement agencies utilize uniquely designed speakers? There are many features that are useful to enforcement that may not be readily found in other types of speakers. Speakers need to be heavy duty in order to be able to be brought in and used no matter the situation the agency may be facing at the time. It’s also important for a speaker in this capacity to have a higher operating frequency range than normal, to ensure the signal can be broadcast clearly in any conditions. So you can see why emergency vehicle equipment is so vital.

Another piece of equipment that many aren’t aware of are battery guards. Have you ever tried to start your vehicle in adverse conditions and had it fail to respond to you? For emergency vehicles, this is absolutely unacceptable. Because a life may rely on that particular vehicle reaching its destination as fast as possible, many enforcement agencies utilize battery guards to ensure their vehicles start the first time. A battery guard monitors the available power for the engine – even while the engine is not running. By doing so, it’s able to guarantee starting power by operating as a low voltage isolator for the battery. It’s easy to see why this would be valuable for service agencies in these time-sensitive industries.