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Features to look for in Police Vehicle Equipment

November 18, 2020

Features to look for in Police Vehicle Equipment

Every department across Ontario, and its surrounding areas, are modernizing their police vehicle equipment with the latest available versions through reliable outfitters. However, it pays to work with a knowledgeable equipment and vehicle outfitting company. How do you know if a fleet service offers quality products and services?


Here are a few features to look for:


Innovation that’s backwards compatible

Technology is always moving forward, developing new methods and machines. There is no end game here. To address the issue of staying relevant and innovative, fleet solution providers need to be innovative with their police vehicle equipment but they also need to be capable of retrofitting and backwards compatibility. That way, when new tech comes on board, old tech does not necessarily become irrelevant and have to be replaced.


Maximisation of Existing Technologies

It is outside the technological capabilities of vehicle outfitters to manufacture equipment on their own. However, technological developments such as cloud storage through secured and tamper-proof portable communication devices for law enforcement personnel will definitely become standardized in the next few years. In order to stay competitive and relevant, fleet solutions need to be up-to-date with their technological peers. This includes high tech surveillance technology as well as safety and security upgrades.


Optimization of functionality

As the needs of police officers are always changing, their vehicles need to adapt as well. Having features such as laptop mounts, state-of-the-art audio systems and more allow offices to be able to fully perform their duties with the assistance of these tools. When the needs change you can always bring your vehicle back to be updated and customized as necessary.


If you are looking to update your fleet with the latest and most reliable police vehicle equipment, you can trust Darta Fleet Solutions to help you in the best way. With over a decade of experience consulting and installing police vehicle gear.